Build Your DREAM Dorm in 7 Easy Steps

July 24, 2019
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Build Your DREAM Dorm in 7 Easy Steps

Students, are you ready? Most incoming freshmen are moving into dorms in August (right around the corner!). You’ve been thinking about school, dreaming up your dorm, but perhaps don’t know where to start?

Shopping is always the answer, and there is a way to do it quickly and efficiently.

There are thousands of ways to build your dream dorm, but we have simplified the process in 10 easy steps with the most important products and items you’ll need so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

If you’ve started shopping, double check with our 10 steps to make sure you’re completely ready for move-in day!

1. BED

The bed is the centerpiece for your room. Since you will have a standard Twin XL mattress, however there are ways to dress up, pad, and spruce up what you’ve been given.

In this section we are going to suggest mattress pads, sheet sets, bed skirts, and a bed risers that will fit your bed perfectly.

Mattress pads: A great mattress pad will keep the oldness out and allow for new goodness to stay protected. Not only will your bed be incredibly soft, you create a barrier between the old mattress and your perfect new sheets.

Sheet sets: Twin XL sheets are necessary for every bed. Too big and your bed will be a mess to make. Too small and you will be tugging and pulling your fitted over your mattress cover, and who has time for that?



Buy your fitted sheets in your favorite color(s) here!

Bed Skirts: Hide what lives below underneath the bed with amazing, fitted bed skirts that are perfect for your dorm bed size. You won’t even need to worry about the size because Room 422 has your back and has sized everything perfectly to your dorm bed.

Bed Risers: Unsure what bed risers are? This quick tool are like step stools for your bed. Find amazing amounts of space with one or more bed risers that will bring your bed up and give you the ability to store your stuff underneath!

Bed Bath and Beyond have our favorite sets because they include USB plugs inside. You will have an idea about how your dorm is laid out, but outlet space is limited. Create your own with these!

Purchase yours here.

2. Decorative Pillows

Although this section technically is still the bed, we have created another sub section because you can do so much with decorative pillows and throw blankets.

Depending on your vibe and decorating personality type, you will have a wide range of different styles, but we’ve narrowed down our most popular sets and dropped them here like the Fairy God Sisters we are.


Pillows: Since your bed will be the center-piece to your room, a sofa, a reading space, and more, you want to be comfortable! We love the designs and looks Dormify and Society 6 put out, so we have our favorite products below.

Eyelash Pillow

Faux Fur Mongolian Pillow

Namast’ay in bed

3. Blankets

Who doesn’t love a good throw blanket? Stay cozy, warm, and give your bed a glam up.

Amazon has TONS of colors in this super soft throw blanket. Prime it to your parent’s house or your new dorm.

4. Night Stand

We have two absolute favorite night stands we’ve linked below. You will be able to separate your dorm beds with a three drawer night stand or nestle it next to your own bed, charge your phone, and organize your favorite night time items.

Three Drawer Night Stand

Four Drawer Mirror Night Stand

5. Desk Space

Your desk is a critical space in your room. You will study here, do your make up here, and organize your essentials here. Make your space personalized and functional to make it a place you want to go over your Organic Chemistry notes.

Via Pinterest

Shop the look:


6. Dorm Kitchen

You might not cook a three course meal here, but cooking small meals for 1 will help you cut costs of eating out and will give you easy on the go moments.

Here are some of the functional items you will need for your dorm kitchen essentials.

The Container Store

Must have kitchen organization items:

Modular Organization Cubes

Kitchen/Refrigerator Storage and Organizer

7. Bathroom

There won’t be much for you to do with your bathroom, but you can organize. From a mesh shower tote to organization bins.

Mesh shower tote

Bed Bath and Beyond

Drawer Organization Bins




If you found this helpful, please share with your favorite college student, incoming freshmen, or student who will be in off-campus housing for the first time. For more articles and dorm inspo, click through our articles and shop some of our favorite looks.


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