Trending Dorm Decor: Browse Our Most Popular Pinterest Items

July 13, 2019
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Trending Dorm Decor: Browse Our Most Popular Pinterest Items

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to find the perfect aesthetic for your dorm room. Simply look at an image, see the items, and shop! You can shop by preference, function, or even by your personality type.

Blue-prynt’s Pinterest is FULL of different dorm room ideas and linked products. We know we must be doing things right with over 800k viewers a month! Check out out most frequently pinned and purchased items in the list below.

And, if you don’t follow us on Pinterest yet, click here and see our boards for inspiration.

1. Modular Storage Cubes

$119.99, Shelving Inc, Buy HERE

Our most popular pin and item, by far, are the Shelving Inc Modular Storage Cubes. These things are perfect for just about anything including: lifting your bed, providing closet storage, nestled between dorm beds, and more.

You can find this item under our “Organization and Storage” tab on our website, or click here.

Shelving Inc

2. Zig Zag Photo Collage

$19.99, Bed Bath and Beyond, Buy HERE

Display your favorite memories from back home and at college with this modern, clean photo collage. Hang with hooks we recommend every student takes along with them on move-in day and display over your desk or bed.

Find under our “Wall Hangings” tab on our website or click here to go directly to our page.

Bed Bath and Beyond

3. Desk Organization – Wire Photo Organizer

$59.99, PB Teen, Buy HERE

The third most popular item on our Pinterest Impressions list is a wire photo organizer from PB Teen. Slightly more expensive than the wire photo organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond, the design is different as is the size.

Click here to view more photos.

PB Teen

4. Tall Charging 3-Drawer Cart on Wheels

$119.00, Dormify, Buy HERE

Snag our most popular drawer organizer from Dormify that hosts charging ports inside. Yes, you can charge your phone and iPad at the same time and right next to your bed.

Not only is this drawer organizer perfectly sized for your dorm, it is a forever piece that will look great in your off-campus housing.


5. White and Gold Lips Poster

$89.99, All Posters, Buy HERE

Wall art is a piece of dorm decor that will completely change the face of your room. A simple poster, neon light, or picture frame can perfectly wrap up the exact design you want to achieve in your dorm.

It is no secret why our gold and white lips poster is so popular… it is girly, fun, and goes with any decor color aesthetic you are going for. Check it out here.


6. Peel and Stick Shiplap Wallpaper

$59.00, PB Teen, Buy HERE

It doesn’t get more chic than this….

Wake up your wall with standout shiplap style. Chic white wood instantly updates your dorm room walls with a modern and cozy feel. Instantly (and safely) transform the face of your dorm by simply peeling and sticking.

Check out more peel and stick wallpaper including our most popular shiplap here.

PB Teen

7. Corner Charging/Organization Station

$105.00, Shelving Inc, Buy HERE

The desk are of your room can easily get cluttered and messy. What better way to avoid the headache than by having your own station for charging and organizing your goods?

This platform is not only perfect for your sanity, you can easily check your iPad or laptop for notes, lectures, or research for upcoming projects by having your unit perfectly square on your desk.

Shelving Inc

8. Lips Neon Sign

$60.00, Dormify, Buy HERE

Dormify has some great neon signs, like our most popular pinned sign pictured below. Light up your dorm room in the trendiest way possible!


9. Macrame Wall Curtain

$60.80, Amazon, Buy HERE

Nothing says Boho Chic quite like macrame. Divide your room in half in a chic way with a macrame wall curtain. You can find the best deals coming up on items like this for Amazon Prime Day or buy now with an immediate $6 off coupon.


10. Frame-less 24 inch Circle Mirror

$39.99, Bed Bath and Beyond, Buy HERE

You’ll need a space to get ready and double check your top knot before you head to class. Plus, mirrors add depth to an already small room. This is our most pinned mirror from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bed Bath and Beyond

11. String Light Curtain

$85.00, Dormify, Buy HERE

Why buy single string lights when you can have an entire curtain? This is by far our most popular and pinned light item on our website. These string lights from Dormify will light up your room and add a soft, chic look to your decor.


12. Blush Faux Mongolian Fur Pillow Covers

$95.00, Room422, Buy HERE

Soft, chic, and feminine, these faux fur pillow covers will look fantastic in your dorm! The lumbar shape is perfect for low back support, also!


13. White Soft Loft Duvet Cover and Sham Set

$119.00, Dormify, Buy HERE

Light, soft, and airy, this duvet cover and sham set from Dormify is one of our most pinned sheet sets, and with good reason. Not only does the ruched sheet set look great, it is perfectly fitted to the size of your dorm bed.


14. Monogram Pillow (multiple colors)

$165.00, Room 422, Buy HERE

For that preppy, personalized vibe, choose in to adding a monogrammed pillow to your dorm bed or lounge area.This is one of our most popular and re-pinned items because it goes so well with just about any color scheme you can dream up.

Available in many colors, this addition is perfect to seal in your dorm decor vibe.

Room 422

Now what you know the top coveted items, which one do you want for your dorm? Leave a message for us in the comments!


**By purchasing items from our articles, you are supporting the content we are able to produce through our partnerships. Blue-prynt receives a portion of price as an affiliate. Thank you for helping support our platform for students like you!

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