5 Must-Have Move-in Items For Your Dorm

July 12, 2019
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5 Must-Have Move-in Items For Your Dorm

Move-in day is stressful, to say the least. You’ll have way more stuff than you need, you’ll have to figure out how to cramp your entire wardrobe into a tiny closet, and you and your roommate may experience your first fight over who gets which bed.

Inevitably, there will also be some things that you forget to bring, leading to yet another visit to Bed Bath and Beyond.


Although we can’t prevent your roommate from arriving 3 hours early and getting the bed on the right, we can help to spare you some of the pain of two extra trips to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Based off of personal experience, here are 5 items that I forgot on move-in day so you won’t forget them!

1. Garbage Can

Yes. A garbage can. How could you ever forget something so simple, you ask yourself? But that was on the top of my list when I took my first trip to Bed Bath on move-in day.

When you’re sitting at your desk with an empty bag of Doritos, you’ll be thankful that you have one. Just don’t forget to empty it every once in a while!


2. Step Stool

Chances are that you’ll need to raise your bed for extra storage. If you’re on the shorter side like me, once you raise your bed, you’re going to want that stool for the extra boost.

The run-and-jump onto the bed might work for a little while, but one day, it’s gonna hurt. The stool is also useful for reaching things on the top of your closet or to be someone on your floor’s best friend when they are looking for a stool.

3. Cleaning Supplies 

If your mom is anything like mine, she will want to sanitize every single surface if your dorm room before you can live in it — drawers, closets, handles, etc.

Bringing cleaning supplies such as wipes or a handheld vacuum with you will make you feel more comfortable about the space you’re about to move in to. Also, if you’re living in a suite-style dorm with a bathroom or in an apartment, you’re going to want cleaning supplies.

Those spaces can get incredibly dirty fast, and you’ll want to make sure that they stay clean and free of germs that can cause problems.


4. Hooks and Tape

Hooks are essential for a dorm room as they will allow you to optimize your wall space, an oft forgot aspect of the dorm room.

They stick to the wall really easily and will give you more space to put things such as hats, jackets, and sweatshirts that won’t fit in your closet. You also might want to consider double sided sticky tape!



5. Extension Cord

You’re going to have so much more to plug in than you realize — phone, computer, lamp, headboard (if it’s one of those funky ones). That’s where an extension cord comes in.

Having it at move-in time will allow you to plug in as soon as you start setting up and will ensure that your phone doesn’t die before you get to snap a pic of your newly-decorated dorm room.




While is this by no means an exhaustive list of the things you might forget, these were a few that made me wonder, “How could I forget that?” Hopefully, being aware of these items will make you a little more prepared than I was on my freshman move-in day.

And although it’s a stressful day, the result will be totally worth it.

For more move-in day tips, check out our advice columns. To make your dorm room feel like home, our main website has a ton of dorm necessities and accessories you can use.


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