5 Genius Ways To Organize Your Dorm Kitchen

July 8, 2019
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5 Genius Ways To Organize Your Dorm Kitchen

Dorm space is limited. So, it makes sense to take what you have and maximize your surface area. Although the closet and desk take priority, you don’t want to forget about your food and snacks. Many of the students we interviewed claimed they didn’t take advantage of their cooking space and wish they had.

This article will go over the top 5 ways you can expertly hack your dorm kitchen space!

1. Use a shoe organizer for food and snacks

Your trusty shoe organizer is great for your sneakers, sandals, boots, and heels, but what about your ramen and protein bars? One of our favorite student suggested hacks is to use the organizer on the back of a closet and stick your favorite items inside.

Not only can you put snacks inside, you can also use this hack for spoons, forks, measuring cups, storage bags, grocery bags, and more!

Photo via Pinterest

Check out our favorite shoe organizers here:


2. Use a fridge shelf

Why spread out horizontal when you can go vertical? A fridge shelf is often overlooked, yet super helpful for organizing items like food, plates, silverware, a microwave (if your dorm allows it!), and more.

Check out this awesome Dorm.Co white shelving unit or choose from more below:


3. Find yourself a roll-away cart


I mean come on, is this not the best idea?

Your roll-away cart will become your very best friend in your new small living space. Store next to your desk with school supplies on top and brain fuel snacks and utensils on the bottom.

Roll it to the side of your couch for remotes, coasters, and magazines or next to your bed for your chargers, tech, and movie snacks! Simply roll it out of sight when you are finished! Easy!

Here is a great lookalike from Dormify:

4. Use storage containers under your bed

The Container Store

Those bed lifters will come in handy when it is time to make more space inside your dorm. Lifting your bed and storing items underneath is a perfect way to use up the space you already have.

Long, shallow plastic containers do the trick nicely. Students we interviewed said they stored their winter or spring clothes in the very back and underneath their bed, while food items were stored in the front.

Here are some great storage bins with the perfect dimensions for under bed food storage:


5. Stack ’em!

Via Pinterest

If you have limited kitchen space, but still have a flat surface near your desk or bed, use a tiered organizer to stack and organize your coffee cups, tea cups, and more.

If coffee isn’t your thing, you can easily store snacks, condiments, and small dinnerware on a tier organizer all the same.

Purchase the lookalikes here:





How do you plan on storing your dorm kitchen items? Share below and let us know how you plan on taking advantage of your small space. For more inspo, student spotlights, and advice column, browse our blog and get inspired!


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