Top 10 Items You Need On Move-In Day

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June 29, 2019
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Top 10 Items You Need On Move-In Day

The day is nearing… the day you move into your dorm!

There are probably a million questions that are swirling around your mind. The most common question students ask leading up to move-in day is, “Am I prepared?” Maybe the answer is yes, maybe the answer is no, but these 10 items are must-haves for move-in day.

The good news here is that you still have time to prepare for the big day, and you can hire help for moving your stuff. Some even are businesses on campus!

So pull out your University move-in packet  you received in the mail (maybe dust it off) or pull up the PDF you were sent and check a few things like:

  • Where your dorm is located
  • Where to park on move-in day
  • Whether or not upperclassmen will be present helping
  • Suggested move-in items
  • Days and times specified for your dorm

After you’ve reviewed some of the fine print, take the advice below for suggestions on what to bring on move-in day from students who have already been through this stage in their academic career.  Here are our top 10 items you need to bring to be fully prepared on move-in day. Also, check out our college essential checklist for more inspiration for move-in day!

Top 10 Item List for Move-in Day

1) IKEA Grab and Go Storage Bags

Parents and students across the board voted this item one of the most life saving move-in products. Ikea Storage Bags are incredibly compact and fit just about everywhere, are super light, and when you are done with them can store without issue in closets, underneath beds, or even in an extra drawer.

Amazon has a fantastic 4-pack for under $30 available just in time to Prime to your house. Check out this deal:

2. A Dolly / Flat Bed Roller

There are bound to be super awkward items other than your parents that you have to pile in and out of the car on move-in day. For those items, a dolly or flat bed roller make it easy to quickly and efficiently move your stuff from point A to point B.


Check out our favorites:

3. Tool Box

For small fixes throughout the year and move-in necessary projects, a small tool box with quality contents will be a godsend during the school year when you need to #adult and fix your bed, desk, or squeeky chair.


Check out these Dad approved tool sets from Amazon:


4. Desk and Box Fans

Depending on the climate you are about to move to, you’ll probably need a box or desk fan to help you get through the warm season and/or hot flashes from pulling an all-nighter studying for your upcoming mid-terms.


5. Drill-Free Wall Hangers

Hang your wall art and picture frames without poking holes in your wall with these items from Amazon:


6. First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, but you don’t need to be ill-prepared for an incident if it occurs.  A really simple kit like the one below is a perfect addition for your room just in case. This particular kit is on sale right now on Amazon when you use the “use now” coupon.


7. Cleaning Supplies

You don’t know exactly what you’re walking into, and you’ll want to be armed with the basics to get the dust off fans, clean around the shared bathroom, and naturally vacuum the ancient carpets.


8. Door Stopper

When you are moving into your new dorm, you’ll be in and out … a lot. Help the door stay open for the multiple trips you’ll be taking. Plus, when it comes time for socializing, your door can be propped open by something besides a trash can.

9. Surge Protector with USB

Plug in your computer, printer, phone, mini fridge, along with your roommate’s technology and have an organized line of cords running from desk to desk. All of your items in one place and assigning those places inside your dorm on move-in day will help you the rest of the year.

Get inspired with this shoe box hack and Prime these to your house pronto.



10. Bed lifters

Yep, you’ll need all the help you can get when you are creating space inside your dorm. Check out these bed lifters and create space under your bed for storage.

Other tips:

There is no fool-proof way to be fully prepared for the day you move into your dorm or apartment, but certainly these items will help you be prepared for whatever you will walk into. For more articles about your first year in college or to see some of our favorite dorm styles, read more articles on our blog.





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