Blue-prynt’s Top 20 High School Graduation Gifts

June 21, 2019
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Blue-prynt’s Top 20 High School Graduation Gifts

It is that time of the year! The time for graduation, gifts, and parties to celebrate your favorite high school graduate. Since there is nothing that will stop your favorite high schooler from growing up, the next best thing is to choose from one of our favorite gifts from our list and use shopping as a much needed diversion.

Here is our thoughtful list of the top 20 high school graduation gifts your son, daughter, granddaughter, nice, friend, or next door neighbor will absolutely love.

1. Clear tote bag for game day

Clear tote bags are the perfect storage option for game day essentials. Ensure belongings are perfectly safe and abiding by stadium regulations with your college bound graduate’s school emblem. Bed Bath and Beyond has our favorite series of university themed totes, browse using this link.

2. External battery charger

Class, parties, game days, study groups, and more. College students drain their cell phone batteries faster than they binge through new releases on Netflix. Give your grad the gift of battery juice to get them through their day, and night. Purchase here on Amazon.

Choose from our favorites and purchase for your favorite graduate by clicking the images below.


3. Official Money Guide for College Students

The best tool for your college student is a way or tools to help them manage their money. The Official Money Guide (O.M.G.) for College Students is a great personalized look into how college students can use, budget, and save their money while they are away at college.

Buy your copy by clicking the Amazon box below.

4. Echo Dot

“Alexa, call home” … need we say more?


5. Compact Safe

Friends will come in and out of any dorm room. Make sure your favorite college student has their belongings like birth certificates, passports, and other valuables out of sight and out of reach in a compact safe that fits perfectly in a closet of under a bed.

6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Your favorite high school graduate will undoubtedly want noise cancelling headphones for the library and in their dorm room. Give the gift of silence with the noise cancelling headphones below:

7. Shower Tote

With shared room and shared floor bathrooms, keep all the shower items in one place with a great looking shower tote that can be carried from bedroom to bathroom. We love all the variety Bed Bath and Beyond offers!

Check out some of our favorites below:

Hanging Shower Tote

Shower Shoes

Mesh Shower Tote

8. Apple Watch

From tracking steps and overall health, to seeing texts come in while walking to class, the Apple watch is not only efficient for a college student, but it is actually COOL!

9. Towels

Personalized or not, PB Teen has some of the best choices for variety and for price. Currently all items below are on CRAZY sale AND shipping is free.

Nadia Geometric Towels

Starburst Towel Sheet Set

Bamboo Ribbed Set

10. Laundry Items

Give the gift of clean clothes with this all inclusive laundry set that is currently on sale at PB Teen!

PB Teen

Luxury Deluxe

11. Gift cards – Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, Dormify, Target

When in doubt, give a gift card! Electronic cash gives your grad the option of buying whatever their heart desires from some of our favorite dorm friendly stores.

12. Pillows

Dress up any dorm bed with throw pillows that bring the dorm decor together. Ask your graduate what dorm theme they want, and shop for their gift with them to get the perfect item! These beauties are from Dormify, and we LOVE their designs.

Namast’ay in Bed Pillow

Faux Fur Mongolian Pillow

Shut Eye Pillow

13. Sheet Sets

Sheets, blankets, duvets…oh my.

Fear not! We have compiled the best and most dorm appropriate bedding sets, sheet sets, throw blankets and more on our website.

Check out our favorite blankets, sheets, and throws by clicking here.

14. Air Pods

Amazon has some of our favorite options below. Check out which set fits your price point best!

15. Smart TV

Ahhh, yes. The Smart TV will definitely put you in the favorite category of your high school grad.

16. Weekend bag

Fashionable, spacious, and perfect for all their dirty laundry when they come home for a surprise weekend trip, a weekend bag is a must for your college student. Choose from some of these great designs and even stuff the bag with goodies to give them an extra surprise when they open the bag.

Browse the links below to find the perfect bag:

Bed Bath and Beyond

PB Teen

17. Desk Supplies

Give your grad the gift of an organized, fabulous looking desk space where they will undoubtedly solve some of the world’s biggest problems, take furious notes, and study, study, study!

Image via Pinterest

Shop the look:

Desk Signs

String Light Curtains

Letter Board

18. Wall Art

Some of our favorite wall art comes from Society6, a website where your college student can browse their absolute favorite designs. Even better? They will frame your favorite pieces and ship them to your graduate’s house or to their dorm!

Allposters is another great option for adorable prints.

Check out their products here:



19. Tapestries

A tapestry will transform a dorm. Choose from the hottest trends below.

PB Teen Blue and Green Tapestry

Dormify Pink and Marble Tapestry

Society6 Mandala Tapestry

20. School Supplies

Preparing your high school grad for college starts with good old fashioned school supplies. Pens, paper, notebooks, you name it. Amazon has your back with some of the best priced school supplies below:

No matter what you end up getting your college-bound student, they will be sure to love the effort you put in to thinking about what they want and need for the most exciting time in their young adult life.  Don’t see the item you want? Leave a comment and we will drop a link for you!





Note: We receive small amounts of compensation from purchases made through Amazon and other affiliate links in this post. This helps us provide you with the best content.

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