10 Items Your Dorm Needs – Guys Edition

May 9, 2019
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10 Items Your Dorm Needs – Guys Edition

You’re headed off to college and it is one of the most exciting times of your life! With all of the acceptance excitement, high school graduation parties, work, and wrapping up the school year, the last thing on your mind are the items you’ll need for your dorm.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for the college experience ahead of time is to think of items you can have in your dorm to make it feel more like home. Not only will this make your transition easier in the beginning, but you won’t have to deal with running around a potential new town looking for the missing storage bin or new bedding because the one you quickly bought doesn’t fit your twin xl mattress.

Luckily, we have looked all over the internet and confided in our partners and found the 10 items your dorm needs. To keep it easy, we’ve linked the items below for easy shopping, too. So, here you go! The 10 items your dorm needs – guys edition!

1. Sheets, shams, and pillows

Yes, the first thing you will want to tackle is bedding. This is a larger purchase that will make every other item easier to buy. Pick a plush, soft, high-quality set that will give you a good night’s sleep.

Recreate this look with the links below:

Trent Comforter + Sham – PB Teen (Pictured above + currently on sale)

Pillows – Bed Bath and Beyond

Upholstered Headboard – Target

Mattress Topper – Dormify

2. Posters and Tapestries

Posters, wall art, and tapestries are a great solution to an otherwise boring dorm wall. Winning Streak Posters have your NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA posters (and more) totally covered, so you can let everyone know where your sports loyalties lie. Pottery Barn Dorm just released an entire line of University tapestries perfect for your dorm.

Recreate this look with the items below:

Winning Streak Posters

Picture Frames – Target (Flash Sale)

Gray Picture Frames – Bed Bath and Beyond

Tapestries – (Pictured above) PB Dorm

University Themed Throw Blanket – Bed Bath and Beyond

3. Organization and Storage

You will need a place to store all of your stuff once you move in, and dorms can be tricky to navigate… unless you know how to hide it all. Wall hooks, under bed storage, shoe racks, and organizers are all great ways to create a little more organization in the chaos that tends to happen in a dorm.

Some of our favorite organizers can be found here:

Wire hat rack – PB Teen

Desk or Closet Storage – Bed Bath and Beyond

Closet Shoe Organizer – PB Teen

Under Bed Storage Bins – PB Teen

4. Bath and Shower

You might share a bathroom with a neighbor, or an entire floor, so it is best to prepare yourself to take all of your bathroom gear with you, which means you will need to consolidate. If you have a shower you simply share with your roommate, we’ve also included some easy to organize products that will make it simple to grab your stuff and get going.

Monogrammed Robe – PB Teen

Super Soft Bath Towels – PB Teen

Quick Dry Mesh Toiletry – Amazon

5. Rugs

A rug is more than a soft place for your feet to land, it is a great way to create a homey feel in your dorm, especially if you have ancient carpet that has centuries of who knows what embedded within the fibers. Check out our favorite rugs below.

Microfiber Dorm Rug – Amazon

5×7 Between Beds Rug – Amazon

6. Seating



You might only have one shot at a seat other than your desk in your dorm room, so make it count! These oversized Big Joe bean bags are a perfect spot for under your loft bed or, well, anywhere else you can fit it. If all else fails, get a super comfortable desk chair that can double as a place to play video games, study, and hang out.

Big Joe Bean Bag – Amazon

Computer Chair – Amazon

7. Small Appliances

Your dorm needs the essential kitchen appliances to cook in between meals and snacks to fuel your social life and studies. Check out this video from Mastering Student Cooking for the greatest rundown of dorm supplies for your kitchen.

You’re welcome in advance!

Don’t forget the Top Ramen!

8. Hooks, Strips, Adhesive Tape

You’ve got your posters, your tapestries, your lights … now, where does it all go? You will want to safely hang your stuff on the wall without doing any damage, so hooks, adhesive strips, and power strips it is!

Wall Hooks – Amazon

Adhesive Strips – Amazon

String Lights (Pictured) – Bed Bath and Beyond

Power Strip – Dormify

9. Mini Fridge and Cart

Nothing screams DORM quite like a mini-fridge, and with good reason! You might not have the time or the budget to eat out every day, so you’ll need some straight college style hacks to get food in your belly without taking up too much space. A mini-fridge with a cart will not only keep your refrigerator off the floor, but will provide storage for utensils, food, and condiments.

Check out our favorite carts from The Container Store

Compact Refrigerator – Amazon

10. Wireless Printer

You aren’t going to want to spend every waking second at the University library, so invest in a high-quality wireless printer that you can hook right up to your computer and print everything you need within seconds. Don’t forget another paper or rush to the library when you are in the good hands of printing technology right in your dorm.

Search all the best deals on Amazon Prime


Congratulations on your journey! Now that your shopping cart is full and ready to go, you can enjoy the rest of your school year and the summer knowing your dorm is waiting to be filled when the fall comes around. For more on our blogs and partners, click around our website and read up on how we provide solutions for college students just like you.


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