25 Questions You Should Ask Your College Roommate

April 1, 2019
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25 Questions You Should Ask Your College Roommate

You’ve just received your college acceptance, now you are looking for a college roommate. You may have someone in mind that you already know, or possibly you are taking the random roommate route. Whatever your choice ends up being, there are important questions you better be asking up front, so we’ve compiled 25 questions you should ask your college roommate before your school year starts.

Sure, you can Facebook or Insta-stalk your new potential roomie, but isn’t it better to find out who they are first hand and then check them out on social media?

After all, you will be sharing the same shower for an entire school year…

1. What are you bringing?

This is a duh question, but if you are looking to achieve #dormgoals or simply want to make sure you aren’t buying an extra TV. For the sake of not duplicating items, this is one of the more important questions to ask!

2. Do you want to coordinate dorm decor?

Don’t be shy either! Does your new bunk-mate have an idea of the kind of dorm decor she wants? What is her style? Decorating together could end up being a super bonding moment you two never forget.

3. What classes are you taking? Do you have a schedule yet?

Asking your new roomie what classes he or she is taking will give you important insight into their interests AND what kind of schedule they will have throughout the year. If your roomie is taking classes at the crack of dawn, you’ll want to invest in some earplugs. If she is taking classes later in the day but you’re the early riser, maybe you two split some blackout curtains.

4. What are your thoughts on chores?

How you two will divide the chores might be an uncomfortable question, but without Mom around, someone has to take out that trash! You might just find yourself with a roommate who is happy to do the chores you so despise. If nothing else, you’ll be upfront about cleanliness and what your expectations are.

5. Have you ever lived with someone before?

Sibling room sharing counts, and if you’ve got a new roommate who has shared a room before, you’re in luck. They probably are going to ease right into your new living situation with an understanding of how things roll. If it is new for you both, congratulations. You get to learn together!

6. How do you feel about guests?

How does your roommate feel about guests and socializing in the dorm? Do they have a boyfriend (or girlfriend), is he or she is attending the same school? If you are both new to the school but are social creatures, set some expectations or boundaries for guests now or in the near future. If you have the epitome of an introvert, start thinking about ways you can respect each other’s time and space with socializing in the room.

7. Are you taking any extracurriculars or playing sports on campus?

Another great question to ask to get to know your roomie a bit better is asking if they are involved in on-campus activities. Soccer? Football? Dreams of student council? Environmental club? Are they a super student planning on studying all the time? Work with it!

8. Are you planning on going home a lot?

Some students are going to a school that is down the road from their house. They might want to go home every weekend! Other students might only trot back to their parent’s house for the holidays. Knowing just how often they’ll be gone or around will help you plan out your week/weekends.

9. Do you have a job?

This is a perfect question that also ties into room boundaries. Does your new roommate have a job where they will be returning to the room late? Or early? These need to know answers will help you both establish a schedule where lights are on or off, and when visitors can and can’t come by.

10. How do you like to study?

Does she enjoy bumping Post Malone while she studies for organic chemistry or does he prefer the silence of the University library? Knowing how your roommate prefers studying will be important to figure out your room schedule. Who knows, maybe you can even be study buddies.

11. What are you willing to share?

Finding out what your new potential roommate is bringing and what they are willing to share is crucial. No one likes to find out at the worst possible moment that, actually, the coffee maker was off-limits this whole time. You’ll be able to find out what you guys can save money on buying and what you will need to bring on your own.

12. Do you have any allergies?

Yep, this is a big one. Who wants to stay up all night sneezing because you forgot to mention you are super allergic to down comforters and pillows? Find out if they have any food or environmental allergies as well as dietary restrictions (i.e. Kosher, vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan…).

13. Are you a morning or night person?

Are you the kind of student who needs 8 full hours of sleep in order to function? Your needs for sleep must be met, especially due to the fact that the majority of college students aren’t getting enough sleep as it is. Get clear on when your roomie will be sleeping and/or studying.

14. Do you drink/smoke?

Better to ask upfront before you find out your roommate smokes like a chimney and smells like an ashtray! These typical college activities may or may not be for you, but you should know upfront what to expect so you can either prepare yourself for the tinge of cigarette smoke or enjoy tailgating before the first football game together.

15. What are your pet peeves?

Oh, your roommate might just love you the most for asking this. From loud chewing to pen clicking, the last thing you want to do is inadvertently drive your roommate bananas for a habit you do knowingly or unknowingly. If they have a massive fear of snakes, possibly the jungle theme dorm decor is out (but was it even a possibility in the first place?). 

16. What are your favorite foods?

Pizza? Tacos? Donuts? What are your favorite things to snack on? This isn’t such a deep or serious question, but it might help to know if they like pineapple on their pizza or consider it an insult to pizza everywhere…

17. What kind of music do you like?

Another light, fun question that will help you get to know your roommate a little bit better. You might find out you like the same indie band or both like to rock out on the sly to Taylor Swift, just… because.

18. What is your protocol on overnight guests? What level of privacy do you prefer?

Are they allowed? Are they banned? What are your thoughts on having overnight guests.. whether it is a younger or older sibling or boyfriend/girlfriend? Don’t create rifts, be upfront with how you feel in the beginning. If things change, things change. But be honest with yourself and what you are comfortable with.

19. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Does she like to shop? Is he a huge fan of March Madness? Do you guys already tune in to the Bachelor? Knowing what you already have in common or different interests he or she has can be a great conversation starter.


20. If we have a disagreement, how should we handle it?

Let’s be real… it might not be all sunshine and roses as you share a small space during potentially stressful times. Get a plan together that is easy and direct about how you will resolve any conflicts and be ready to use it if anything comes up.

21. When are you moving in?

This is a fun one! You get to meet your roommate in the flesh! It might be a really fun idea to get the families together for unpacking and then go out to lunch or dinner so the entire squad can meet and get to know one another. You know your parents are dying to meet your roommate anyway!

22. What level of clean do you like your room?

Are they a clean freak or can they live in relatively disheveled conditions for a few days at a time? Better to know now than weeks after move-in day! If they admit they are relatively messy, start thinking about some great dorm organization techniques you can help them with. You might just be able to tame the beast!

23. What are you planning to do over summer break?

Does she like to vacation on the beach? Is she super close with her family and soaking up every second before move-in day? Get a little background info and know what she likes!

24. Is there anything else I should know about you? Do you want to know anything else about me?

Time to flip the script and ask if there is anything else you should know about them before hanging up. Are they dying to ask you if you are down with a Boho Chic dorm theme? Or did you leave out whether or not the coffee machine is off limits?

25. Are you excited for move-in day?

You’ll hope the answer is, of course, YES! But it is also cool to know if they are nervous, too.

“Did we just become best friends??”




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