16 Easy DIY Projects That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

March 20, 2019
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16 Easy DIY Projects That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms aren’t exactly the largest space to work with. Sometimes it takes a creative mind (like yours) to decorate your dorm, but not all college students have the budget for it. Most of these projects are not only insanely cute, but they are also HUGE space savers, and we know you need more of that in your life.

We have compiled 16 of the best DIY Projects that will transform your dorm, and you don’t have to break the bank doing it!

1. Flower-like LED lights

LED lights are all the rage, and they make an otherwise boring dorm room sparkle and shine like the BOHO chic Goddess you are. All you need is ribbon from the dollar store to wrap around LED lights (multi-color is super cute).

Get step-by-step directions HERE

2. Glam your plastic storage bins with retro wrapping paper

A great way to cover some of your unsightly student hoard is to run down to Target or your nearest dollar store, pick out the cutest wrapping paper that fits your dorm decor, and voila! No one can see in, but you will know exactly what lives inside.

Find out how to replicate this look HERE, and make sure you read our blog on how to organize your dorm Marie Kondo style for more storage ideas.

3. Make your mirror a statement piece with hot glue

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who has the cutest digs of them all? Why it’s you, of course. 

For this look all you’ll need is a hot glue gun, and anything from faux flowers to seashells to spruce up an otherwise boring mirror. Simply arrange your items as you please.

Check out how Petalisbliss lays out her tutorial on YouTube 

4. DIY wall hanging Macrame

Macrame wall hanging decor is super popular right now, and the trend isn’t going away. Make your own and create something that is uniquely yours by following a step by step tutorial we have listed below.

There is an awesome tutorial here on YouTube

5. Organize your desk with style and ease

A cluttered desk can mean a cluttered mind. Clear the cords with this super easy DIY project that will make you want to sit at your desk and study for hours. It just looks that good.

Image credit and tutorial: Tasha Shawner

6. Find a home for your jewelry that isn’t a drawer

Display your favorite necklaces, bracelets, and more with this revamped silverware drawer turned vintage jewelry hanging dream. You can clear the clutter off your bathroom counter, save more drawer space, and display the best-looking jewelry you have against a wall.

Copy step-by-step HERE

7. Create dreamy desk organizers

Not all pencil holders, cases, and desk organizers are created equal. And with that said, the ones on a budget are just not cute. For an easy fix, grab wrapping paper and burlap, match the items to your dorm decor, and wrap them around your formerly ugly pencil holders for a super cute look.

Click here for a tutorial

8. Tray to chalkboard

The Dollar Store has silver colored trays that are not the greatest for actual serving, but make a great chalkboard! Simply buy chalk paint, a tray, borrow a paintbrush and sponge, and you’re on your way.

See how easy this DIY project is HERE

9. Make your own flower wall for dirt cheap

With a hot glue gun, fake flowers, fishing line, and a little creativity, you can transform your bedroom from drab to fab with a flower wall that will wow your floor.  This particular DIY flower board from Sweet Teal was made for under $50. You can choose cheaper flowers and get the price down even further.

Check out the DIY steps here

10. DIY memo board / key rack

Ever lose your keys and find yourself late to class post-search? What if you could hang your keys and other critical items on a ridiculously cute board you made all by yourself? Check out this easy tutorial for inspiration and make it your own.

Learn how to recreate this look here

11. Succulent it up in your dorm

Succulents are all the rage right now, especially for dorm rooms that have a minimalist, clean, or modern look. If you have a different style, these live, low maintenance plants will work for you, too.

Our favorite tutorial is here

12. The cutest picture hangers, ever

You want to take a piece of home with you, and you will certainly make NEW memories at school. So, why not make them extra cute with this adorable picture hanger DIY project inside of a picture frame?

This project can be found on HerCampus.com

13. DIY confetti tray

It doesn’t seem like the most practical item in your dorm until you see it for yourself. This project is perfect for your desk or nightstand. Once you have perfected the art, it also makes a unique gift your girlfriend will love.

See how to make this yourself here

14. Make a rag rug from old sheets

While the word “old sheets” isn’t the most inviting verbiage used in this history of DIY projects, rag rugs are actually really cute. You can make a college-themed rug with old t-shirts, or stick with the color of your dorm and make it from old sheets. They are super soft, really cute, and cost next to nothing.

Note: These look EXTRA fabulous in a shabby chic theme or with soft feminine dorm decor.

Check out this elaborate tutorial from Grillo Designs 

15. Stick on pods for clutter

Save room in your bathroom by using stick-on pods for space saving options. These pods can be used for just about anything. Makeup, desk organization, closet storage, and more. Get a set from PodStore and see how much space you save without looking cheesy or cheap.

Buy these here

16. Gallery wall art

Another great way to save space and also display your favorite memories is to create a gallery of wall art. Stick your favorite photos up on the wall behind or on the wall space next to your bed to create a more personalized space while staying modern and chic.

Print kits make this task easy and fun, without putting dents and holes in your wall. All you need to do is arrange your masterpiece! Check out our Pinterest for more ideas.

Find more inspiration and print kits here


Now that you have 16 fabulous ideas for your next DIY project, let us know which one you undertook. Send pictures, leave a comment, and read more space-saving tips right here on our website. Happy project’ing!

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