20 St. Patrick’s Day Party Must-Haves You Need In Your Life

March 11, 2019
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20 St. Patrick’s Day Party Must-Haves You Need In Your Life

St. Patrick’s Day is literally right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than a perfectly lucky themed party? With only 6 days to dress your best, it is time to depend on the friendly 2-day delivery service of Amazon Prime we all know and love, to arrive with our best shamrock swag.

Because we can appreciate a good themed party, we have made your life 1,000 times easier by linking the items right under their description so you don’t have St. Patty’s Day #FOMO.

Image: Corey Paige Designs 


Image: Etsy

No one likes to get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day, so make sure you are donning only the best and brightest green t-shirts and sweaters. Choose from a cute slouchy sweatshirt, “Lucky Charm” t-shirt, or the classic “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirt.

Grab a matching shirt for your bestie and be the best dressed at the “paddy,” as the shirt implies…




Knee high socks are all the rage, especially for St Patty’s Day. In many states, the temperatures are (finally) starting to rise, so bust out your shorts, put on some cute Irish themed knee-high socks, and get down. Still too cold for shorts? Bust out some leggings and pull any of these socks over! We love these from Amazon because they are thick, tall, and go with just about any outfit!



Who doesn’t love a good pair of festive leggings? Some of our absolute favorites are designed from Corey Paige Designs where you can choose from leggings, joggers, and t-shirts. Mix it up with green leggings with lightning bolts or adorable shamrock joggers that are cute all year round! We’ve included some other options below including Corey Paige White Bolts. See more of her designs here.





Image: Brooke Hyland

What girl doesn’t love a good set of accessories? From themed beads to sunglasses, bracelets, and hats, you’ll be all decked out for your themed party and even have some to spare for your girlfriends who were not as prepared as you (…you go girl). What we love about Amazon is you can buy in bulk and keep them all year to prep for the next party.




Miscellaneous Extras

From makeup to face paint, the little extras are everything you need to top off your themed outfit. If you are feeling stuck and don’t have an inspo, check out Nikki Tutorials on YouTube where she uses Mac Cosmetics to give a shamrock themed ombre eye shadow look. Not sure you want to go all out with the face paint? No problem. Grab a pack of shamrock tattoos and wash ’em off by the end of the night.



From head to toe, you will be confidently walking into your University St. Patrick’s Day party knowing you are not only best dressed but safe from the age-old tradition of pinching. Have fun, be safe, and happy shopping!

Shirt and Leggings Corey Paige Designs, Shop the look HERE

Outfits by Corey Paige Designs, Shop the look HERE

Leggings by Corey Paige Designs, Shop the look HERE











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