Meet Lindsey Metselaar– Dating Expert and Queen of Hearts.

March 7, 2019
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Meet Lindsey Metselaar– Dating Expert and Queen of Hearts.

Dating in New York City is, in short, an adventure. There are thousands of options! On top of that, there are even more places to go! So, what’s a girl to do when living, working, and going to college in the city and simply looking for love?
Enter Lindsey Metselaar. Entrepeuner, influencer, writer, and New York City dating expert. We had the pleasure of talking to Lindsey and asked her everything from how she started to asking what advice she has for young women (and men) who are looking for love while living, going to school, and working in the city.

What we love about “We Met At Acme”

Her podcast “We Met At Acme” highlights the humor in dating, and gives young men and women like you, advice on how to navigate through the fast-paced waters of city life and dating in the city. What we love about her authentic, raw, and relevant Podcast is the brutal honesty she puts forth. Lindsey truly takes a no nonsense approach to dating in our day and age, and takes no prisoners when it comes to being honest about it.
Another aspect we love are the guests! You can expect anyone and everyone in the sex, dating, app, and celebrity niche to present their knowledge in a way that is easy to consume for listeners. Even better, the content is relevant! This is not your Auntie’s PC Podcast. This podcast is like sitting in a restaurant, apartment, or dorm with your girlfriends sharing advice on love and dating in the city.
Our spotlight on Lindsey will show you just how easy it is to date in the city (with the right attitude), and even highlight how you can turn your passion into a thriving business from the source herself.

Tell us about you, your Podcast We Met At Acme, and how you got started in your business. 

I grew up in NYC and went to Boston University, where I studied communication. I started my podcast because I went through a break up and realized that there was nothing out there in podcasts for dating. I wanted to create a millennial dating podcast that was relatable and fun.


How did your studies in college prepare you to run your businesses?

I studied communication, which I now use every day when working on my podcast and more. The classes I took included editing, writing, and other skills, which I use for my career today.

What were some trials and tribulations that came up along your professional journey?

After college I went off on my own and started my social media consulting company Lindsey’s Lunchbox. I took on way too many clients at once. It was overwhelming, and many clients were demanding of my time. I found it necessary to set boundaries and only take on what I can handle, while also managing expectations.

What is your best dating advice for young men and women living and going to school in the city?

My best dating advice for young men and women in the city is not too take themselves or dating too seriously. Try to enjoy the ride, and especially enjoy being single. If you want to find a partner, you have to enjoy yourself first.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

I love helping others and giving dating advice. It makes me so happy when I can empower someone to get rid of a partner or something else that isn’t serving them.

What are some dating horror stories you’ve experienced or talked about on your podcast?

I’ve been dumped on my birthday! And I’ve been set up with people who were beyond awful. In dating, you have to know that you’re going to experience a massive spectrum of good and bad dates and situations. Having no expectations is usually the way to go.

Is it hard to date in college with so many competing activities going on?  Parties, Greek Life, Clubs, Schoolwork?

When it comes to dating in college, definitely have fun with it. I remember that I got the advice that college is the time that you’ll date the people you’ll never marry. Assume that is true and don’t take anything too seriously! You may end up surprised. Go to as many parties as you can. It’s hard to date “seriously” in college, but it’s really easy to have to get close fast, because you’re always around each other. Embrace that!

If you could interview anyone on your Podcast, who would it be and why?

Howard Stern! He is amazing, and I have so much respect for what he’s created.

Speaking of favorite guests, who have been some of yours?

My favorite past guests are Shan Boodram, my therapist of course, Jen Glantz, Jerry Ferrara, Jared Matthew Weiss, and so many more!

We love some of your past collaborations with Rent the Runway and Terez, do you have any future collaborations coming up? What’s next?

I would love to do tons of more collaborations, especially with female-run brands. We have a very exciting upcoming event with City Winery that I am excited to announce soon, and we have tons of amazing sponsors lined up for that.

I’m writing a book! And hopefully in the future expanding the podcast into maybe a dating column or a dating talkshow.

What advice do you have for young women who want to pursue their passion straight out of college?

There is no rush! Try out what you are interested in, and don’t pressure yourself to be successful straight away. Set small goals, give yourself structure, and work on them every day. Eventually, if you want and believe in yourself enough, you will succeed.

Because you know and understand the dating scene so well, what are your top 3 rules for dating?

1. Don’t ask “what are we”
2. Don’t send a thank you text if you’ve already thanked them in person
3. Don’t discuss your sex “number” – it’s none of their business!

What should young college-aged men and women keep in mind when it comes to pursuing their dreams and/or dating?

It’s not a race, not does it make any sense to compare. Work hard, and don’t be afraid to be persistent and ask for help when you need it.
For those of you out there in college, attending classes, or getting ready to choose your University… there is plenty of space on the table for your talents to shine. Own your passion, put in the work, take classes that wrap up your goal with a big bow, and never, ever stop dreaming big.
Thank you, again to Lindsey for taking the time to speak with us. Want to follow her journey? Use the links below to explore more content from Lindsey, including her podcast which is a MUST listen!
Podcast: We Met At Acme
Instagram: We Met At Acme
Personal Instagram: @LindzMetz, @lindseyslunchbox

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