Top 10 Tips To Safely Survive Spring Break

March 5, 2019
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Top 10 Tips To Safely Survive Your Spring Break

The countdown has commenced, and Spring Break for college students is right around the corner. It is time to grab your group of friends and head to some of the hottest Spring Break destinations.

In the excitement to get out of the dorms and onto the beach, sometimes safety precautions get overlooked. Have no fear, here we are like the big Sister you know and love, giving you the best tips to party hard (and safe) this Spring Break.

Let’s begin…

1. Use the buddy system

Don’t leave a Sister hanging. Always travel in a group together or with a buddy, especially if you are Spring Breaking in a place you’ve never been.

2. Remember water safety

Real talk … water safety is a real thing. Under toe? Rip tide? If you don’t know how to navigate through it (or if you don’t even know what it is) talk to your friendly lifeguard on duty. Rip tides, undertoe, and currents are no joke, so make sure you are staying safe in the ocean.

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3. Use lots of sunscreen

No one is telling you not to have a nice base tan going, but nothing is more miserable than a tanning session gone rogue. Not only will the sunburn be painful, there is a higher chance you will become more dehydrated as a result of your UV glow AND get wrinkles down the road.

So get the sunscreen, Sister, and make sure it is a SPF over 45.

PRO TIP: Want to safe Nemo? Get any of the reef safe sunscreens below. They are powerful and protect the ocean (and your skin) from harmful chemicals.

4. Don’t drink and drive

Just don’t do it. If you’re headed to a Spring Break hot spot, chances are there is an Uber or Lyft demand, and drivers will meet those demands. If you are strapped for cash, ride share with an Uber or get your group together (remember, the buddy system!) and split the bill.

5. Communication is key

I remember when I was younger at Disneyland, my parents would have a “spot” for us kids to meet them if we ever got lost. Well, hot Spring Break destinations like Rocky Point or Palm Beach are your new Disney, and you’ve gotta pick a spot. If lost, you know where to go.

Apps we love (and they’re FREE):

  • Google Translate – Communicate with just about anyone using this app.
  • Wifi Map – This app will show you the closest spots that have WiFi.
  • TripIt – Build your travel itenerary from flights to hotel, to excursions and share with the group to make traveling a breeze.
  • American Red Cross First Aid – Download this app for step-by-step instructions for dealing with everything from bites to burns, heatstroke to head injuries.
  • Yelp – Find restaurants and rentals nearby … don’t forget to read reviews!

PRO TIP: Download WhatsApp if you are abroad or down south in Mexico to communicate easily, just make sure you aren’t sharing your location constantly with these apps. Disable location sharing with apps like Snap Chat (i.e. Snap Map) unless you absolutely have to find your girlfriend who has wandered off.

6. Pace yourself

If you are fully planning on day drinking, pace yourself! No one wants a sloppy drunk at dinner killing the vibe. Make sure between each drink you are sipping on water, and skip the shots unless you are planning on taking an afternoon nap.

PRO TIP: We LOVE these IV Therapy electrolyte packets. Just add to water and get a super dose of hydrating electrolytes to go with your ice cold water. Did we mention you need to stay hydrated??

7. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Drinking on an empty stomach is such a rookie move… just don’t do it! If you plan on going out and drinking, make sure you load up with carbs, healthy fats, and snacks before you partake in the day or evening festivities.

Did someone say, tacos?


8. You don’t NEED all the things…

We know you need those Insta worthy photos, but don’t pack everything and anything with you. Pick the essentials and a healthy core set of clothing items that can be used on rotation. You’ll never forgive yourself for leaving your Kate Spade under the hotel bed, and even worse, losing a valuable or sentimental piece of jewelry.

We all remember Kim Kardashian losing her diamond earring in Bora Bora. Don’t let that be you….

PRO TIP: Use the Marie Kondo folding method to pack in your tshirts, dresses, socks, and more inside your suitcase. It is a major game changer.

9. Do your homework

No, we don’t mean your University homework, we mean destination homework. Before you ride off into the sunset, make sure you know everything and anything about your hotel accomodations, nearest hospital, and navigation to and from the airport.

You should also do a little research into potential Visas, update your Passport, and get any neccessary vaccinations before heading out to your weekend in paradise.

10. Come in a group, leave in a group

We get it, guys and girls are letting loose and having fun. Add in alcohol and inhibitions are lowered. Unless you know the people you are leaving with PRIOR to the trip, don’t leave without your people. Even if you are all heading back to the same hotel, play it safe and travel with your crew.

PRO TIP: If it comes up, PLEASE practice safe sex! If your partner isn’t down to use a condom, simply #thankunext his ass because you don’t need that kind of recklessness in your life.

Image: CVS Spring Break

Spring Break is a great opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy a week without deadlines and midterms. Take our advice into account (yes, while having TONS OF FUN), and you will go back with little to no regrets of your mini-vacay.


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