5 Lessons We Learned From Marie Kondo That Will Change Your Dorm Life

March 1, 2019
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5 Lessons We Learned From Marie Kondo That Will Change Your Dorm Life

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If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo and her new insanely popular Netflix series “Tidying Up” — stop what you are doing, book mark this page, watch an episode and come right back here to hear all about the magic that she creates in small spaces that are as organized and efficient as they are aesthetically pleasing. 

One of her pillar messages is the mental clarity and reduced anxiety that getting rid of “stuff” and organizing our treasures creates in a room or in an entire home. And listen, you don’t have to be a hoarder to appreciate these tips, just someone in search of the most efficient way to store, organize, and display items from your life that spark the most joy.

If this sounds like you, and you are ready to move into the exciting new world of dorm or small space loft living, we have the best tips for you before you move so you can be ready, willing, and able to take on the new college-life adventure without sacrificing your beloved new space. 

So here they are, the 5 lessons we learned from Marie Kondo that will change your dorm life!

Lesson 1: But does it spark joy?

While packing up your room back at home, you might want to take everything and anything that reminds you of where you grew up. Sure, bring your special teddy bear you got when you were a newborn, but you might want to leave the high school year book under your bed at your Mom’s house. 

Sparking joy is more than just feeling good when you pick something up. When you consider an item (and yes, this might sound cheesy, but trust us) hold it and think about what you are feeling. If you have some kind of reaction that resembles joy, put it in the moving box.

If not, leave it at home and hope when your Mom turns your old room into an in-home gym, she stuffs it in a closet where you can retrieve it during winter break. 

Lesson 2: Invest in boxes and labels

Have you ever looked inside your room and wondered what tornado ran through while you were gone?

Hint: it was you. 

Items that are simply lying around without a home serve very little purpose. Investing in cute baskets, boxes, and storage is a complete game changer. Grab a wicker basket for extra blankets, cute neutral colored storage boxes for your closet, and boxes for inside bathroom and dresser drawers for easy to use, easy to see, organized dorm room bliss. 

PRO TIP: Remember when you used to stuff all the things under your bed as a kid in an attempt to clean your room? Get ready to do it again but now as an adult. Under bed storage with loft or raised dorm beds are PERFECT for containers to hold towels, sheets, seasonal clothes, food, toilet paper, you name it. Welcome to adulting!

Here are some of our favorite products you can take with you for 10/10 storage that will fit any decor theme you choose. Even better, you can Prime it right to your house or dorm.


Lesson 3: Learn the Konmari-Method for folding

 Marie Kondo in her 4’8” glory has the best and most effective ways for folding that will completely blow your mind. Jeans, fitted sheets, underwear, fishnets, you name it, she can fold it in a way that makes it easily accessible in your new storage ready drawers so you know exactly what you have and know exactly where it is. 

Take a second and quickly go here to YouTube her method and you will be on your way to space saving freedom!

PRO TIP: Use the box within the drawer method + Kondo-approved folding methods and enter your new life of organized freedom. Seriously, being able to see your items as soon as you open the drawer to pick out a short or underwear will spark joy each.and.every.time.

Check out these Kondo approved storage savers.


Lesson 4: Letting go

Letting go isn’t easy, especially when you are feeling #extra sentimental going through your childhood treasures, but most of those items don’t have a place in your new digs. Learn to let go and start to shift your mindset to an excited state with a blank canvas waiting on campus for you on move-in day. 

Of course, if you have a few sentimental items you just have to have, bring them along, but take only what you use and leave what you don’t! 

PRO TIP: We LOVE this idea to arrange photos in a tidy, organized wall mounted method on either side of this Boho Chic hanging wall decor. Huge space saver and it looks absolutely adorable.


Lesson 5: Make tidying up fun

With homework, midterms, finals, social events, and new adventures, tidying up might be one of the last items on your weekly checklist, but an organized room is a happy room. The mental ease you will feel walking in to a room that you pick up every day will eliminate cleaning as a stress trigger and instead represent just another thing you do every day. 

PRO TIP: Use a white board you can mount on a wall for daily reminders for things like due dates, social events, and even a chore list so you hit one little item every day to make your life wayyy easier.

We get it, the transition into college life can be, well, a transition, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Use these organization tips from the expert herself to create ease, calm, and joy in your new dorm space and have fun tidying-up. 


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