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February 15, 2019
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Finding a job, whether it be during your years at school or post-graduation, can be extremely difficult. It can prove to be a tumultuous process, filled with more hurdles than one can imagine. Between figuring out where exactly to look to finally getting that first interview, there are many hoops to jump through. RippleMatch, a relatively new platform, is here to modify and potentially expedite the system of finding entry level jobs.

Created in 2015, Andrew Myers and Eric Ho began this venture right out of their dorm room at Yale. Their initial goal was to “automate early career recruiting and career coaching,” according to their website.

“We think it shouldn’t be so difficult to find a job out of college. RippleMatch has built the first ever marketplace for entry level talent, matchings tens of thousands of college students with employers, and helping them start their careers in jobs they find meaningful. RippleMatch uses your profile, an employers profile, and an algorithm to find matches tailored to your interests and qualifications. Ripple’s main goal is to make job hunting easy and affordable and it does so in two ways,” said Caroline Saltzman, a marketing intern lead at RippleMatch.

RippleMatch is a free service and creating the required profile is simple. The profile is very general, and it only needs to be made once. This differs from other job sites and services, as they tend to make you upload multiple documents, cover letters, and resumes. According to Saltzman, because RippleMatch uses a pairing algorithm, there is a 60 percent chance of getting to the first-round interview because your qualifications have already matched up.

Samantha Rosen, a marketing lead for RippleMatch, urges new users to make the most out of their RippleMatch profiles.

“Make sure you fill out your profile with as much detail as possible. Hiring managers will be much more drawn to you and you will get more matches,” said Rosen.

RippleMatch is a platform with a very specific consumer in mind.

“The ideal RippleMatch customer is a current or very recent [college] graduate who is looking for an entry level job! RippleMatch’s mission is to make the entry-level job find easier, more efficient, less stressful, and most importantly, more successful,” said Saltzman.

RippleMatch features opportunities from various companies on their platform, each of them coming from different areas of work. According to Saltzman, the site uses Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Cardinal Health, Pfizer, BlackRock, Dell, Gap, Under Armour, and Delta Airlines. They also work with  well known tech companies such as TripAdvisor, Pandora, and Roivant Sciences. There are also great consulting firms such as OC&C, Triage Consulting and AlphaSights. RippleMatch also features some non-profit organizations, such as Teach for America and Success Academies.

“I think the company will continue to grow and gain more partnerships. There are already many big companies on it, such as Pandora and Delta, and I believe that more and more renown companies like those will soon partner with Ripplematch,” said Rosen.

The future of RippleMatch looks promising, to date they have over 50,000 sign ups at over 500 different schools. Additionally, they have $5 million in venture capital funding.

If you are looking for the perfect job opportunity, sign up here:


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