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February 9, 2019
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Missy Sexter, the artist and creator of Imperfect Art, sat down with Blue-prynt to tell us all about her unique artwork that is perfect for any dorm room. Read on to find out more about these gorgeous pieces with inspiring messages.

What is your product and how did you come up with this idea?

I have always been creative and never without at minimum a pencil and paper — art has always been a part of me — when in college started to paint on jeans and “remake” my own clothes. I had channeled my art through fashion which I still do — I worked as a stylist and window displays which was my creative outlet but realized that my love of fashion and the art of getting dressed was my love and for me. I soon found a love of home decor and started making my own furniture and refurbishing pieces to make them my own. It wasn’t until my mother got sick (3 years ago) that I got an idea for a painting and bought a canvas and paints and went back to my true love where I was able to express myself through painting — and through my other love music. My art tells a story through music titles and lyrics.

Why is this product original and what makes it special?

My style I guess would be considered pop art because I love to use bright colors for impact — my art is also all about empowerment — sometimes obvious and other times hidden — but always presented in a vibrant way so if you don’t see it or get the message you can appreciate the colors and the happy vibes I try to project — I have certain phrases and images that I use in all my pieces:
Imperfect: this message dual meaning — I’m perfect and imperfect. We are perfect because of our imperfections.
XOXO: peace, love, and happiness.
Bird image: free bird.
My pieces are all one of a kind and tell a story thru music titles and all about empowerment.

How do you market and sell your product?

As of now I have been marketing my work through social media and word of mouth.

Why is your product perfect for college dorm rooms?

My art is ideal for college dorm rooms because they are bright and bold and appeal to girls — my style is bright and bold and once again with positive messages about girl power, independence, and being your own person — hence “imperfect” — our imperfections are what make us perfect. My paintings are ideal to brighten up and make a dorm room come alive with personality and color and with strong messages that are sometimes obvious and sometimes not as… I have pieces currently I am working on for girls who will be attending college in the fall.

Check out more of Missy’s artwork on her pinterest page.

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