Student Spotlight: Alex Discolo

January 14, 2019
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Blue-prynt sat down with past Vice President of Recruitment at The University of Maryland‘s Alpha Epsilon Phi chapter, Alex Discolo. During the Spring 2018 recruitment season, Discolo was elected to lead the pack. Alongside her chosen team of sorority sisters to support her during one of the most daunting weeks of the year, Discolo was able to orchestrate an entire community of more than 100 girls to work together and choose the next class of girls to carry on the sorority’s legacy.

Discolo gave us the inside scoop to help our readers prepare most effectively for their time as PNMs (potential new members). She now passes the torch to a new VP of Recruitment who will do as she did a year ago.


Rebecca Cohen: What is it like to be VP of Recruitment for a sorority?

Alex Discolo: Being VP of Recruitment is a very behind the scenes job. It’s a ton of fun, but also stressful. I help to plan and keep things in order so that recruitment goes smoothly, in that each round is carried out effectively and we can showcase our chapter in the best way possible.

RC: What are your responsibilities in the role?

AD: My responsibilities are to organize work week, which is a week of logistical practice with the entire chapter, decide on decorations for each round, create match-ups (meaning which sorority sister will talk to which PNM) for reach round. I’m also the go-to for all questions regarding the recruitment process, so I need to be updated on any and all information coming both from PHA and from the girls rushing.

RC: What goes on behind the scenes of recruitment that many people may not know?

AD: There are hours spent matching up PNMs with chapter members who will be rushing them each round. We like to ensure that each girl that enters the house feels welcomed and can have a productive and comfortable conversation in order to ease stress, so we try to have them speak to a member we feel they can relate to or will make them feel special in our house. There is a lot of thought that goes into each of those match-ups to make sure PNMs get the best feel for the chapter and chapter members get the best feel for each PNM’s personality. Aside from that, I plan how the house will look so it is aesthetically pleasing for girls coming in and similarly showcases AEPhi’s personality. I also work with the entire chapter to answer questions and make sure they are comfortable when conducting rush conversations.

RC: What do you look for in a new class as VP of Recruitment?

AD: We definitely keep an open mind when girls come through our house since there are often more than 1,000 girls our chapter will meet. We look for girls who align with our chapter’s values and who are comfortable in our house. Overall, we look for girls who are nice, respectful, and confident within themselves.

RC: What are some tips for girls rushing in 2019?

AD: Be yourself! Though you might think you know what you want, it is much better to let your guard down during rush and be 100 percent yourself so sororities can get a real feel for you, too, and you can find where you belong most successfully.

RC: What are things NOT to do when rushing?

AD: Do not pretend to be someone you’re not because you think your “act” will be a better fit. Like I said before, this process works from both sides, so it is important that the girls recruiting you also know what you are like so you are most comfortable in where you will be for the remainder of your college experience. When in doubt, just be true to yourself and I promise it will be better for you in all aspects. Also, remember to be respectful in all houses. You never know how it might come back to hurt you in the long run if you’re being mean, so be appreciative and kind to every girl you meet. They should return the favor, too.

RC: What’s your overall big piece of advice for recruitment both for sororities and for girls rushing?

AD: Everything will work out. Every PNM will end up where they are meant to be and every sorority will welcome a new member class of amazing girls. It sounds cliche, and it is, but just trust the process, no matter how emotional and stressful it can be.


*Disclaimer: all students quoted in this article are friends of the author. 

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