The Easiest Ways to Buy and Return Textbooks

December 21, 2018
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When the school bookstore gets too expensive, and renting textbooks there is not an option, we’ve got you covered on better and more cost-effective options.

Knetbooks allows you to rent and return a ton of textbooks for up to 85 percent off select books. Though you cannot keep these books, this service makes renting and returning books you don’t need forever very easy.

Textbook Underground is another database that makes renting textbooks simple. They allow students to customize rental periods so they can keep their books throughout whatever dates their semester runs, or to order and keep books just for the week leading up to their test. They run big discounts and ship quickly.

Amazon is always a great option. With Prime, eligible textbooks will come within two days, and Amazon often runs discounts on books. They also provide different buying options, like electronic, rentals, and buy, so students can easily customize their learning experiences.

If your only option is to purchase from the bookstore, don’t fret. Professors reuse textbooks every semester, so even if you’re paying a little more than you’d like to on your biology textbook, and the bookstore does not allow you to return it, you can always resell it to students taking the same course next semester. Reach out to your professors to see if they can facilitate this or to students in your major who may know friends with your class on their future schedule.

There are also textbook selling options through companies like BookHolders, who will buy textbooks back from students and resell them to future students looking for used textbooks.

Though textbooks can be pricey, there are so many ways to buy them discounted, to rent them instead of buy them, and to resell them after use. Be sure to get your money’s worth, but then get your money back.

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