Exactly What You’ll Need for Rush

December 21, 2018
3 min read

Now that you’ve got your outfits down, you are going to need to get together a bag of “stuff” to carry with you during rush. Certain schools have different rules and regulations on what you can bring and what kind of bag you can use, so heed our advice, but be sure to check with the leaders of your rush group before heading to the first round.

We recommend carrying a small and stylish backpack or a cute tote bag with you during rounds. This way, you have plenty of room to bring all you need. Our pick is this lightweight MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote.

Now for the inside of the bag! Be sure to have all of the following.

A water bottle, or two or three. Stay eco-friendly and bring a reusable one. Most houses will let you refill during rounds if you need! We love this S’well bottle so your water stays cold.

You will definitely need snacks. Things that are high in sugar and protein will give you energy to last the day. Try some Clif Bars so you can eat quickly and efficiently with no mess between houses.

Deodorant! Walking between houses can make you sweaty, and in colder climates, the heat will be pumping once you’re inside. Be sure to stay fresh as much as you can.

Similarly, oil blotting pads will keep your makeup in tact and ensure that your only shine is supposed to be there from your highlighter.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner is the perfect thing to throw in your bag to do makeup touchups along the way. This liquid pen makes eyeliner mess free and easy to use if you need to fix up your eyes.

A pen and paper is definitely necessary. It is important to take notes on the experiences you have in each of the houses, and since you can’t use phones in the houses, keep it old-fashioned so your memory does not escape you.

A portable phone charger will help your phone get through the long days. Though you won’t be using them in the houses, it is still good to have just in case your battery drains!

While this list is not comprehensive, these are some necessities for any rush bag. Let us know some of the things you needed when you rushed below!

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