College Essay Advice from K.S. Anthony

November 30, 2018
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With only a month until the college application deadline arrives, heed some advice from K.S. Anthony, an expert on writing the infamous college essay.

Linguistic notes from the College Application Underground:

  • “Hope” is not a synonym for “intend.” It’s a poor substitute, signaling a softness of will and unsteadiness of nerve.
  • Bilingual students who’ve grown up in homes where English is not the primary language of the parents always seem to have problems with definite/indefinite articles.
  • Discrepancy verbs – would, should, must etc – weaken entire essays, suggesting an obligation on the part of reality to change according to the writer’s demands. The world is what it is: “should” just indicates a tendency towards petty authoritarianism.
  • For some reason, a lot of students disconnect from their sensations, writing things like “my mind was fascinated by…” or “my eyes scanned…” or “my fingers touched…” These might be poorly-executed attempts at literary style or they might be the result of under-developed frontal lobes: doesn’t matter, it never works.

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