Stay Warm and Trendy on Your Winter Walks to Class With These Looks

November 20, 2018
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Winter in college seems like it comes out of nowhere. One second it’s the first week of school, with temperatures rising to the likes of 80 degrees, and dreams of a brisk fall day in a chunky knit sweater are on the horizon. Only a few weeks later, on a random day, usually around October, Fall finally arrives, and students are left with the faint memory of what it feels like to be drenched in sweat by the time they reach the classroom. Dressing for class during the winter months can sometimes be a challenge, but thankfully new styles have come onto the market that maximize warmth, comfort, and fashion.


Teddy Jackets are a major trend this season. They are warm enough to be a blanket, and make it easy to stay comfortable and cozy while walking around campus

Buy this Urban Outfitters teddy jacket here for $79.


Puffer Jackets are extremely practical and are always in style. For days when the temperature drops below 40 degrees, it is essential to layer. Puffer jackets are the best (and warmest) option to top off all of those layers.

Buy this puffer jacket from Forever 21 here for $44.90.


Cozy Bombers may not be a lasting trend, but this fluffy jacket looks sleek and can tie together any cold weather look.

Buy this Forever 21 fuzzy bomber here for $44.90.


Pom Pom Beanies are perfect for those days where you want to be extra toasty. Covering your head is essential for the coldest of the cold. This is the obvious choice to keep your look cozy and warm, but not make you look too disheveled. It’s also perfect for a bad hair day!

Buy a Fasker pom pom beanie from Amazon here for $9.99.


Scarves serve two purposes. First, they keep you warm on a chilly day. Second, they can provide the perfect pop of color to spice up any bleak Fall or Winter look. They can be dressed up or dressed down and serve as the perfect functional accessory for those pesky Winter days.
Buy this Something Navy Blanket Scarf here for $49.

Got something else you love to wear when the temperature drops? Tell us below!

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