5 Adorable Ways To Announce Your College Acceptance Without Leaving Your Bed

November 8, 2018
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5 Adorable Ways To Announce Your College Acceptance Without Leaving Your Bed

It started out with a personalized cookie cake that dad picked up from ShopRite on his way home from work. Next, friends brought balloons over after school. Some months later the sweatshirts from grandma rolled in.

Then a cellophane-wrapped snipped and personalized tailgate outfit was dropped off in the mailbox from the girls at school. Soon that turned into a box and then that turned into basket. Then it turned into this:

Photo courtesy of Sophie Levenson

What’s the deal with bed decorating?

“What is that?” Most of you are asking. Why that, confused reader, is the bed of a high school senior who just accepted her admission to her “dream school.”

Parents: let me break it down for you. In recent years, the term “dream school” has been popularized among rising college students. It refers to the top choice college or university of any given applicant, possibly the school they have dreamt of attending for years due to family legacy or admiration after touring. It also may be the school to which they applied Early Decision, the binding application that will release decisions in December.

Due to the popularization of the aforementioned phrase, college has become an obsession for some. It has also become a public competition. Who can get into the “best” school? Who wants that admission more than anyone else in the country? Who can post the best photos on Instagram to prove both of those points?

These girls can.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Solarsh 

Photo courtesy of Julia Chait

This obsession has turned an acceptance letter in to an all-out celebration. It progressed as described in the first paragraph. What used to be a small treat to recognize the accomplishment and laud the student has turned into a well-oiled machine of bed decorating for high school girls.

How does it work?

It goes like this: each group of girlfriends has the responsibility of making the biggest deal possible each time one of the members makes a commitment to a college. First, on the day of, girls pull up to houses with the quick and easy gifts: balloons from Party City, a cookie cake from the local grocery store, homemade cupcakes with icing in the school’s colors. Girls take videos and post Snapchats of the new college student in her token “University of _________” sweatshirt to celebrate, and brag, of course.

Then the real work begins. The girls return home and place orders to the university book store, as well as other college apparel outlets like By Gabby and Skicks. As they wait for the packages to arrive, the girls grocery shop for snacks in packages of the same color as the school. For example, a new admit to Cornell University would have snacks in red boxes, where as one to Tulane University would have snacks in green.

You’ve got the goods, now time to decorate!

Once all of the shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, sunglasses, stickers, snacks, balloons, pillows, shoes, socks, glasses, hats, and whatever else they can find has arrived, the parent of the college girl takes her out for “no reason” for a few hours so the other girls can strategically place their materials in and around her bed. Note: don’t forget balloons and streamers for the look to be complete.

And viola, now we have this:

Photo courtesy of Dani Nussbaum

Now, I want to make some things clear.

  1. This is not at all mandatory or expected or accepted in every household. I did not have this done for me, but I still think my friends are pretty great.
  2. This costs a lot of money considering the extravagance of the event. Find more friends if you’re interested, then the investment is less.
  3. I only used female pronouns or referred to “girls” in this story because, let’s be real, guys would never participate in something like this.

High school seniors – beware. Enjoy the ride and all of the gifts, but be ready to retaliate at full force. Have fun and celebrate, but remember that not all celebrations have to be this over the top.

But, can’t lie, would be so cool to come home and see this on my bed. Embrace it and don’t forget to include the entire family in the fun!

Photo courtesy of Amanda Solarsh 
Photo courtesy of Amanda Solarsh 

Photo courtesy of Amanda Hauptman

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