College Students: This Streaming Platform Will Change Your Entertainment-Viewing Experience

October 16, 2018
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If you’re getting sick of paying bills for the same content month after month, Blue-prynt has discovered an exciting alternative to Netflix and Hulu. Enter: PlutoTV, the 100 percent free streaming service that features over 100 channels of live and linear programming and thousands of hit movies, as well as television on demand and specific channels for genres like sports, news, lifestyle, comedy, gaming and science, food and more. You want it? PlutoTV probably has it.

Blue-prynt spoke to Jodi Lederman, the Head of Communications at PlutoTV to get more insight on the up-and-coming streaming service.

PlutoTV is perfect for college students on a budget, Jodi tells Blue-prynt. The service can be accessed as an app, on the web at, on your smartphone, on gaming consoles, and built in to certain TVs. The ad-supported streaming platform sets itself apart from the more popular names – they have the content people want for the best price.

While PlutoTV may not house some TV titles you know and love, according to Lederman, their Original Channels are curated thematically to group together titles held in their library, like Popsugar for Life and Style entertainment and The Onion to gate your daily dose of comedy. The services paired with studios, networks, news organizations, and digital firsts to give you content similar to what you would get if you were paying for cable. At any given time, users can access live news from the biggest networks, like NBC, or watch the game on Fox Sports.

PlutoTV definitely appeals to anyone who loves to watch TV without spending money, but Lederman reports that most viewers are on the younger side. She hypothesizes that this is because college students need affordable entertainment options.

Lederman goes on to explain how the company is the future of TV: “what we are doing is providing a solution that encompasses all of the wonderful aspects of linear TV [like] channels and programming, discovery and lean back viewing experiences, and removing any of the less favorable aspects – cost, limited viewing options, availability, ease of access.”

In order to target those college students who are frequenting PlutoTV, Lederman says they try their best to cater to all types of viewing preferences, including both long-form and short-form content. Unfortunately, PlutoTV can’t promise commercial-free viewing, but Lederman claims they are shorter and more infrequent than traditional TV in order to keep up with modern audiences.

Check out what PlutoTV has to offer to enhance your streaming experiences while away from home without having to ask mom and dad to pay another bill. And keep an eye out – we will be featured on next month’s “What’s Coming to PlutoTV.”

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