For the Foodie in You: A Comprehensive List of The Best Eats in (most) College Towns

October 8, 2018
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Feast your eyes on this list to find your new favorite eatery in your college’s backyard. In no particular order, of course.

1) New York: By Chloe

New York University and other New York City colleges; New York City, NY

photo via @theverybritishvegan on Instagram

Known for their delectable vegan eats, By Chloe is a favorite amongst NYU students. Aside from being completely vegan, By Chloe also offers gluten free and kosher options. One of the things NYU students love most about By Chloe is that they can use their meal swipes there. Oh, what a time to be alive.

Recommendation from student: “You can never go wrong with Quinoa Taco salad. It’s the perfect combination of crunchy, tangy, and spicy. There are no regrets after eating this delicious meal,” said Sharon Alfandary, a junior at Stern College for Women.


2) Florida: Night Owl Cookies

Florida International University; Miami, FL

photo via @deliciousfoodspots on Instagram

We all know the feeling of craving a sweet treat at an hour later than most would like to admit. With a 2 a.m. closing time, Night Owl Cookies is the perfect indulgence after a long night of hitting the books, or as a dreamy end to a tiring night out. Night Owl Cookies currently delivers via Postmates and Uber Eats.

Recommendation from a student: “I like to get the Dunk-A-Hoots. It’s a hidden gem on the menu, and brings back memories of a childhood favorite,” said Raheli Haliva, a junior at Florida International University.


3) Boston: Saltie Girl

Boston University; Boston, MA

photo via @gothamfoodiee on Instagram

A favorite of many locals and college students alike, Saltie Girl is the ideal spot for fresh seafood, a modern vibe, and an overall great atmosphere.

Recommendation from a student: “I get the snow crab toast, because it’s just plain delicious,” said Casey Smith, a sophomore at Boston University.


4) Maryland: Vigilante Coffee Company

University of Maryland, College Park; College Park, MD

photo courtesy of Lindsay Sandler

Who doesn’t love a spot that offers delicious food and good vibes? Vigilante Coffee Company is located just off of the University of Maryland campus and has been providing students with classic and seasonal acai bowls, various coffee drinks, and pastries since the spring 2018 semester.

Recommendation from a student: “I get the classic acai bowl and I replace the strawberries with peanut butter because I don’t like strawberries. It is the most refreshing thing in the world. Oh, I also get an almond milk latte, but recently when I went they only had macadamia nut milk. I was hesitant to try it, but it was surprisingly amazing,” said Kelly Wietschner, a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park.


5) Michigan: Slurping Turtle

University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan

photo courtesy of Marissa Weiner

Known for their Japanese comfort food, Slurping Turtle serves college students and locals and provides them with casual Japanese dishes such as noodles, sashimi, and grilled dishes.

Recommendation from a student: “Red curry ramen at Slurping Turtle. It’s filled with lots of veggies, the noodles there are AMAZING and made in house, and it’s a little spicy so it’s my go to when Michigan gets really cold. It’s also vegetarian!” said Marissa Weiner, a sophomore at University of Michigan.


6) Louisiana: Satsuma Café

Tulane University; New Orleans, LA

photo via Ruby Saracino

Described as a “hipster friendly coffeehouse,” Satsuma Café provides locally sourced American food. They also have sidewalk seating for an extra special way to soak up the amazing New Orleans warmth.

Recommendation from a student: “Turkey sandwich. It’s an interesting mix of flavors. The pesto aioli spread is the best thing I’ve ever tasted,” said Ruby Saracino, a sophomore at Tulane University.


7) California: Michelina

Santa Monica College; Santa Monica, California

photo courtesy of Gittee Benhamou

Located within “The Original Farmers Market” in Los Angeles, Michelina serves up fresh and homemade french bread and desserts. They suggest you “savor” every bite, as they offer unique twists on classic pastries.

Recommendation from a student: “I got an avocado toast and a lemon tart. It’s so fresh, and their bread is handmade so it’s so yummy! It reminds me of Paris,” said Gittee Benhamou, a freshman at Santa Monica College.


8) Coral Gables: Pura Vida Coral Gables

University of Miami; Coral Gables, FL

photo via on Instagram

With a “health is wealth” mentality, the newly opened Pura Vida in Coral Gables provides locals and students alike with “an escape to the pure life.”

Recommendation from a student: “ I love Pura Vida, they just opened by campus and it’s amazing. I love their ahi tuna wrap and “Welcome to Miami” smoothie, I get it every time! The environment is so cute and the food is delicious. The wrap is super filling, plus its not a bad price for the amount of quality ingredients,” said Shellie Frai, a senior at University of Miami.


No matter what state you live in or which school you go to, be sure to check out these local hotspots for delicious food and wonderful vibes. 


*Disclaimer: some people interviewed are friends of the author.

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