How to Decorate an Insta-Worthy Dorm Room, According to a Professional Designer

September 16, 2018
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Dorm rooms: the land of cinder block, linoleum flooring, and communal bathrooms that aren’t cleaned well enough (you’ll never see shower-drain hair like you will in a dorm bathroom). So, how are kids across the country completely making over their dorm rooms to look like these? Meet Carol Konigsberg, a Long Island based interior designer who has taken her life-long decorating skills to transforming dorm room décor from tragic to trendy.

Konigsberg spoke with with Blue-prynt (, an online design resource with a mission to help smooth the transition from home to college life, to share some of her dorm room ideas.

“It is not as hard as it looks to make your dorm room a special place to live. Just have fun with it!” she says. By following her go-to guide, getting your dorm room to be Insta-worthy is very doable.

1. The roommate.

Konigsberg recommends selecting a unifying color scheme. She advises choosing a neutral base color, like gray or white, and adding pops of color with accent pillows, curtains, and wall hangings.

Space planning

2. Space planning.

Figure out what you’re working with and move the furniture around based on what is comfortable for you and what will be most conducive to your décor. The room is like a puzzle and there are many ways to make the furniture fit. Konigsberg advises not blocking the window – the natural light will make the room look THAT much better. Leave some space for a nightstand next to your bed for extra storage and throw on this desk lamp for extra light nearby.

3. Rugs.

“The bigger the rug, the better,” Konigsberg says. Matching the rug to your color scheme will add another dimension to the room. Stay away from shaggy rugs, though, since they’re harder to vacuum.

The walls are the blank canvas of your dorm room and can make or break the look. Take advantage of adhesive wallpaper and wall hangings. Konigsberg encourages an “accent wall” to add a color pop and framed art, posters, decals, mirrors, and pictures to cover the other three.

5. Windows.

Hang the curtains. A pressure rod is an easy way to hang and the panels give the room a nicer and more professional look. See what you can find here.

6. Headboard.

Konigsberg loves these if they work. They give the room the best finished look and can be maneuvered to work with many dorm beds. Check out this one.

7. The bed.

Make it comfy with a large body pillow and get some extra under-bed storage with bed risers. Spice it up with decorative pillows that showcase your personality.

With these tips, having a glamorous dorm room can be DIY. Check out some of Konigsberg’s other work at

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